Project Omega

A turnbased survival strategy game where you play as a lone wolf in a harsh wilderness.

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Type: Game Project
Engine: Unity
Genre: Turnbased Survival Strategy
Release: Coming Soon!
Role: Programmer, Team Lead, Promotional Artwork

Project Omega places you as a wolf in a harsh wilderness where you must hunt for food and water, gain pack members to create the strongest pack and find dens. All the while dealing with other predators and rival wolf packs!


  • Discover The Wilderness As A Wolf
  • Strategic Turnbased Combat
  • Manage Your Wolf Pack
  • Claim Dens and Gain Territory
  • Fight For Your Pack Or Perish!
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Pitched and created as a final year production project Project Omega was created in a team of 7 people. I was heavily involved in the initial pitch creating the original prototype as well as the key promotional flat art of the mountains.


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Dev Tools

I created a Map Editor and a Tile Designer to help streamline our development pipline.

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I designed and created a large part of the UI theme and implimented a number of main UI elements.

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Ecosystem Manager allows the spawning of animals through the game with biomes.

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Behaviour trees were used to create the different prey, predator and alpha animal AI on the gameboard.