Fight, Survive, Thrive for the pack

As a lone wolf you must survive and explore the wilderness, hunt your prey and build your pack to survive. Project Omega presents a blend of turn based strategy and survival mechanics where you compete with other wolf packs for territory and prey.


Explore the Wilderness

Explore the wilderness through a number of maps, or create your own. Each having different territories for you to claim and different land formations to use to your advantage.

Hunt your Prey

Hunt the prey across the landscape using the terrain to sneak up and your pack to guarantee the kill. Be careful deer can run in herds requiring more careful planning, use the thick forest to help protect yourself and your wolf pack or the high ground for a more fierce attacks.

Lead your Pack

Starting as a lone wolf grow your pack and your territory. Command your pack to follow you for the hunt, protect the den and territories or explore the wilderness in search of more rich territory.

Expand your territory

Throughout the landscape other wolf packs guard their territory, you must protect yours from invaders and as your pack grows carve out new land to call your own.

Create Custom Maps

The ingame map editing tool is available so that you can go wild and create your very own map to explore. The map editor lets you place down terrain, decide where the perfect place for dens are, create lakes and rivers where predators and prey will congragate and forests to prowl.