In a gentle rockpool, life begins.

Created as part of an AI project Sparce: Rockpool is a simple evolution simulation which allows the viewing of the ever evolving miniscules. Herbivores look for plants, predators hunt its prey and as the creatures breed they mutate to try and find the edge to survive


Watch as life Evolves

As time moves by the miniscules will make decisions and try to survive, the viewer may explore this small ecosystem by moving time faster or slower as well as looking in on the different miniscules attributes that they have evolved with a simple click.

To hunt...

Predator miniscules will hunt the waters for the less spiked more round herbavor miniscules for food. The predators create a presure on those they hunt to evolve, but as the prey evolves to become better so to must the predator.

and to graze

Herbevores must move around and find plant matter to consume to prevent starvation. Herbevores will be hunt by predators but they can evolve and mutate to have fast movement, site, faster breeding or even longer life.